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Foul smelling gas

Wed, December 23, 2020 9:32 PM

I  am a uc patient.  Was in remission for a couple years and now this past year have had 2 flares that lingered for a couples months.  For the past year, I have had foul smelling gas (all this time) Has anyone overcome these symptoms through diet or some other remedy?  


FPO Dmihalik
Joined Dec 23, 2020

Wed, January 27, 2021 3:35 PM

Reply posted for Dmihalik.

I have not overcome this problem with diet but notice the same thing when I have a Crohn's flare or am about to flare. Getting the flare under control is the only way I have remidied the foul smell. Right now I am on remicade and no more smell.

FPO MissAmerica
Joined Jan 27, 2021

Wed, January 27, 2021 11:44 AM

Reply posted for Dmihalik.

Hey, sorry I can't be of help.  But I just wanted to point out, just in case it may be of help to anyone who reads this later...

personally. I only get the foul smelling gas when I'm about to have a flare up.  Whatever is going on inside is extremely volatile and the gas just reeks horribly.  ***So for me, horrible gas is a precursor to a flare up!!!***  I know that smell anywhere, the smell gives me ptsd   Because when I flare up, I can be sick for months, I lose up to 30 pounds and puke for days on end.  Last flare up 2016.  Been on entyvio since 2019   

But like I said, this only happens to me when I am starting to flare, and while flared up.  

this disease Is so funny in the way that it effects everyone so differently.  

I hope you find a remedy!  I feel your pain, I know it's extremely embarrassing when you are not alone.  What I've also learned is, it's the worst thing in the world to not let that gas out!

FPO Andy604
Joined Aug 12, 2020

Wed, January 13, 2021 1:52 PM

Reply posted for Dmihalik.

sulfer from eggs, chicken and meat 

FPO UCmommy45
Joined Jan 16, 2018

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