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Life With a Rare GI Condi...

Author Image SN009
Joined May 2021

My journey with IBD began in January of 2018. I started suffering from extreme GERD, stomach pain, loss of appetite. Thi... read more

My Life With UC

Author Image VNels
Joined April 2021

As a child, I was always sick - stomach flu, sore throats, ear infections, constant diarrhea. No one seemed to know why,... read more

My life with my disease

Author Image Leora Ballerina
Joined March 2021

Hi. My name is Leora. I started feeling an awful pain in my stomach a little over a year ago.  The pain quickly sp... read more

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Latest 2021 CISSP Mock Ex...
Author Image tomhan003
Joined Sep 22, 2021

Obtaining high-rate CISSP Practice Questions is undeniably compulsory to clear your exam. Since the Certified Information Systems Security Professiona....

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hydroxychloroquine helped...
Author Image Jenny Secor
Joined Sep 22, 2021

I have take hydroxychloroquine for last 5 days and received tremendous relieve from Crohns attacks.  

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COVID-19 triggering a fla...
Author Image Diane123
Joined Sep 22, 2021

I haven't had a similar experience, but i wish you to stay safe. I believe vaccination can lower the impacts caused by Covid.19.

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Expert Q&A

Disease Education

Q. I am a 71 year old female and have just been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. What would be the best multivitamin for me to take and also the best probiotic? I am diabetic. Thanks

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Disease Education

Q. My son has Crohns has had it 10 years he is 17 years old. He has been on Humira but it didn't work for him. Has just started Stelara. He has been having like a mucus discharge for several months. His doctor has done a colonoscopy and nothing showed on that other than small Crohns ulcers but was doctor said they wouldn't be causing that drainage. Wondering if there is anything you all have heard even diet changes that could help this.

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Q. I am scheduled to have a laparoscopic small bowel resection to treat a fibrotic stricture. I've been dealing with constipation, bloating, sometimes severe abdominal cramping. I'm curious, assuming the surgery goes well, how much better should I expect to feel once I recover?

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