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Eternal Fire

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Joined November 2021

Crohns disease for 38 yrs, still on fire, still got all my guts. Diet, exercise, rest. Found comforting foods along the ... read more

Having ulcerative colitis...

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Joined November 2021

 I had a bad seasonal flu in February 2020 -not covid-that took forever to get over. I took 3 doses of antibiotics ... read more

The light at the end of t...

Author Image Ccravens
Joined November 2021

I am 28 years old. Diagnosed with Severe UC when I was 15 years old. Just two weeks into my freshman year of Highschool.... read more

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Joined Dec 3, 2021

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Why cover letters hold va...
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Joined Dec 7, 2021

The cover letter is a document in which you are giving a personal introduction about yourself and how you fit for the job. It's a one-page documen....

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CBD is great for reducing...
Author Image milescampbell
Joined Dec 6, 2021

CBD has been suspected to work on different parts of wellbeing, including weight reduction. A couple of its potential impacts are illustrated undernea....

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Expert Q&A


Q. Hi, I am a 28 year old Crohn's patient dealing with ongoing fistulizing perianal complications over the years. I have tried just about every biological drug out there (besides cimzia). But the fistulas have never cleared up and just branch further more. This was initially caused by having a resection after having an ostomy for 7 years, and the answer was to put the ostomy back to divert path of stool away from the fistula tracts. However, 7 years have gone by and there's still constant drainage.

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Disease Education

Q. How do you decide between a Ileostomy vs a colostomy? This will be permanent due to a complicated anal fissula that requires removal of the rectum. My left side of my large intestine has always been red and inflamed it has always been the same section but my right side has been healthy since I began medication for my Crohn's in 2009. The risk is that I would end up having another surgery in a couple of years to remove what is left.

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Disease Education

Q. My 22 yr old son is a college student and takes Entyvio infusions for Crohns. I’m concerned and not finding thorough answers to whether or not he should be vaccinated for Covid. And if so, which vaccine is recommended. What are others doing in similar situation?

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