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Thirteen Years Conquering...

Author Image Diana0089
Joined Oct 3, 2022

13 Years Conquering UC    I was diagnosed in 2009 with Pan-Ulcerative Colitis, the most severe typ... read more

Medication Change

Author Image gstover62
Joined Aug 23, 2022

I was diagnosed in 2009, the year my father passed away.  Fittingly just prior to this I had my first colonoscopy a... read more

My Story

Author Image Alawadhi
Joined Aug 14, 2022

Its start long ago with abdominal pain and chronic constipation. Recently, I went under three Colonoscopy in less than a... read more

j pouch surgery

Author Image Cachewood
Joined Aug 10, 2022

A few months ago I was diagnosed with UC I had my colon removed and am setup with a bag currently. Honestly, I am just g... read more

My Story

Author Image sabatins
Joined Apr 6, 2016

Hi all, Its my first time here. I am 30 years old living in Pennsylvania and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis ... read more

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Author Image Momofmcc249
Joined Jun 1, 2022

infusion for my student ...

My daughter was diagnosed freshman year of high school, 2016 with Crohns  She has been on inflixamab just over a y... read more

Son just diagnosed with C...

Author Image BeeCaveTX12
Joined May 18, 2022

My 12 yr old son was just diagnosed with Crohns. He's had an anal abscess and some fishers (sp?) and some blood in s... read more

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Author Image elizabethherzog
Joined May 3, 2022

My story

I'll try to make this as short as possible, but I'm 19 and I got diagnosed with severe Crohn's disease last ... read more

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Author Image Kfortier93
Joined Mar 23, 2022

Having IBD

Hi,  I don't want to make my story to long but when I come to America when I was 3 I was 20 pounds and we coul... read more