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Humira for TSA security (airport)

Wed, June 28, 2023 10:31 AM

Dear members of this community,
my name is Lucia, my son (13y old) was just recently diagnosed with Crohn's this winter, and is taking Humira. We need to travel to Europe and need to take with us a number of Humira pens for the summer. I found this great cooler 4AllFamily, which can keep the temperature down to 40/50F for up to 72 hours. Our trip will last overall 20 hours before we get to destination, therefore we need a cooler of this kind for this trip. These coolers can fit 2 or 3 Humira pens, but only if without their sealed packaging. Does anyone know if it will be OK for TSA at the airport to have Humira pens OUT of the their original packaging? All info about the drug are reported on the pen itself, so in theory no need for transporting sealed pens in their original packaging. we do have the letter of the hospital to justify the need of Humira and coolers.

FPO luciapastorino
Joined Jun 28, 2023

Sat, June 01, 2024 8:14 AM

Reply posted for luciapastorino.

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